About Uncovered Beauty

Uncovered Beauty is a handcrafted skincare brand built from a strong knowledge of plant-based herbs, oils and biological sciences.
We specialize in small batch skincare products made with natural, non-toxic ingredients.
The quality and safety of our products is our top priority. To ensure safety & efficacy all formulas have been extensively researched and tested.
We believe in formulating with high quality natural ingredients because everyone deserves clean, luxury skincare.
About The Owner
After constant struggles with sensitive skin and little to no improvement from prescription medications I carefully handcrafted products in my kitchen for years to combat my own acne & eczema. From Clindamyacin, Retin-A, Proactive, Differin, Accutane, birth control, you name it I tried it.
After seeing how my skin transformed from my products and sharing them with family & friends I got the confidence to launch Uncovered Beauty and open my first storefront in June of 2020.


- Kandace Taylor, CEO